School Teams Racing State Champs


Briefing:8:00am - Friday 23rd Mar 2018
Finish:5:00pm - Friday 23rd Mar 2018

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Killara - Start Boat

Position Volunteer
Driver Unassigned
Ro Geoff Eldridge
Timer/Sounds Peter Ryan
Flags Unassigned

William Paterson - Finish Boat

Position Volunteer
Driver Unassigned
RO Glenys Hitchen
Recorder 1 Ann Philpot
Recorder 2 Sarah Fearn
Social Media Jack Sharman

Hillenaar - Changeover

Position Volunteer
Driver Gavin Wall

Rowan Brownlee - Changeover

Position Volunteer
Driver (morning) Roger Hatten
Driver (afternoon) Terry Hart

Bill Bell - Umpire Boat 1

Position Volunteer
Umpire Andy Warner

Avon Patterson - Umpire Boat 2

Position Volunteer
Umpire Luke Tupper

Sue Leaper - Umpire Boat 3

Position Volunteer
Umpire Liam Edleston

Marshall Hawes - Umpire Boat 4

Position Volunteer
Umpire Ben Fels

Suzuki - Umpire Boat 5

Position Volunteer
Umpire Unassigned

Peter Reid - Umpire Boat 6

Position Volunteer
Umpire John Philpot

UB 19 - Course Laying

Position Volunteer
Driver Unassigned

Changeover Landing

Position Volunteer
Changeover Master (am) Lesley Fasala
Changeover Master (pm) Clare Ridgway