AWKR Day 1


Briefing:8:30am - Saturday 10th Jun 2023
Finish:5:00pm - Saturday 10th Jun 2023

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William Paterson

Position Volunteer
Driver Ross Flood
RO Louise Hutton
Crew Andrew Gluth
Crew Amanda Wakeham
Crew Lou Hollis
Crew Ciara Earley


Position Volunteer
Driver Greg Blackwood
Crew Paul D'Arcy
Crew Troy Grafton


Position Volunteer
Driver Richard Ferguson
Crew Roger Dundas
Crew David Casley

Rohan Brownlee Rescue 1

Position Volunteer
Driver Scott Allbutt
Crew Graham Dicker
Crew John Rea


Position Volunteer
BBQ Alex Simopolous
Standby Kim Barnard
Standby Byron Jackson
Crew Unassigned
Crew Unassigned

Rescue Boat 2

Position Volunteer
Driver Subin Wright-Simon
Crew Peter Yoon

Media Boat

Position Volunteer
Driver David Taylor (DT)
Crew Andrea Francolini